All Grown Up Now...


All Grown Up Now...


Taking it all in........

Just so you know...

My foot is in this bowl because It's MY Bowl!

Cedar Grove Ramblin' Man Waylon J



" Pickles"


We're both working on getting our ears to stand up!

Cedar Grove Farm   |   PO Box 308,  Wingate NC 28174 us   |   704-582-0408

Hinson's "Heelers"



Cedar Grove "Boys"

All Grown Up Now...

​​Buckeye Sterling Toby of Cedar Grove


If your a Country Music fan..."Ramblin' Man Waylon J" is my Daddy...

I am named after

Waylon Jennings daughter - Julie Rae

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

All Grown Up Now...



Jessi's litter....

Redrose's Vincent's Hi Life Rolls On


Tamera's Not From N'Orleans




Am I not the "Cutiest" little girl....?


Cedar Grove "Girls"